Stampin’ Up! Paper Share from new catalogue with video

Stampin' Up! paper

Do you love Stampin’ Up! paper as much as I do?

I love that I have co-ordinating cardstock and ink for ANY patterned paper that I choose to use.  Perfect!  Picking out co-ordinating card used to take me hours to work out…what card goes with this patterned paper I’ve picked out.  I would have 200 sheets of green card but STILL I wouldn’t have one that matched!

So, do you want to make it as easy as me now?

New Stampin’ Up! paper share

How would you like a quarter pack of every paper in the new catalogue?

  • Petal Garden 1 each of 12 designs
  • Colour Theory 1 each of 12 designs
  • Wood Texture 1 each of 12 designs
  • Fresh Florals 4 each of 2 designs in 5 colours (40 sheets)
  • Whole Lot of Lovely 2 each of 6 designs (12 sheets)
  • Naturally Eclectic 2 each of 6 designs (12 sheets)
  • Coffee Break 2 each of 6 designs (12 sheets)
  • Pick a Pattern 2 each of 6 designs (12 sheets)
  • Be Merry 2 each of 6 designs (12 sheets)
  • Birthday Memories 2 each of 6 designs (12 sheets)
  • Delightful Daisy 2 each of 6 designs (12 sheets)
  • Eastern Palace Speciality 2 each of 5 designs + 1 speciality sheet (12 sheets)
  • Bundle of Love Speciality 4 each of 3 designs (12 sheets)
  • Foil Frenzy Speciality 1 each of 3 designs in 4 colours (12 sheets)
  • Just Add colour Speciality 2 each of 6 designs (12 sheets)

TOTAL = 208 Sheets of 6×6″ (15.25 x 15.25cm) Papers

To buy full packs of each would cost £163 plus postage.

With the shares, you pay £43 including postage..

And here is what they look like when they arrive with you….watch this video to find out everything that is included in the share. All packaged up individually in bags with the co-ordinating colours and info on the front.

Watch video here

Just fill in the form below and I will get in contact with you. If you want to see what they look like “in real life”, why not check out my Show and Tell Video that you can find on MY FACEBOOK PAGE.

Paper Share June 2017

Don’t forget that if you use the ONLINE HOST CODE for your online order, then you’ll be receiving a mystery package from me in the middle of July.

I’ll be back again soon sharing some more inspiration from the new catalogue.

Have fun!

Natalie xxx

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